Life of Rosti is a short film about the life and death of a delicious potato side dish. We follow the journey from its birth by a gentle and loving farmer’s touch, through the rigorous preparation by a skilled and unrelenting chef all the way to its final moments, finding its place, dancing graciously in the mouths of delighted guests.

I once again had the opportunity to work with Ben Johnson ( on this project, developing a visual language that made sense for this film through the pre-production concept work and being open to spontaneity during production. The guy is a machine and finds a way to always push me to be a better film maker. That's the kind of person you want on your team.

Special thanks to Brandon of Fable Kitchen (@intharangsy) for being the super badass chef that he is on and off screen, Stephanie Johnson (@stephjay94) for being the caring farmer also on and off screen, Paul Healey of Hannah Brook Farm for letting us romp around on his beautiful farm and feeding us fresh greens between takes and the Fable front of house for playing the part of over the top guests.